Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Travel On Must Haves….

Who likes getting off a plane frazzled, fighting for your overhead luggage, losing documents and looking like a zombie? No one, that's who, especially not me!!This blog takes me back to our return home flight from South Africa in 2009. The aircraft was full of Australian Cricket players after the Australia vs South Africa cricket Series, flying first class of course, and naturally the cricket WAGS, doing it tough up back flying economy (the poor gal's).These WAGS spent most of the time in the bathroom reapplying their make-up awaiting the paparazzi at Perth International Airport. They looked flawless after a 13 hour flight from Johannesburg, I on the other hand was a little frazzled after no sleep, but luckily the sunnie's hide a multitude of sins. Here are just a few of my essential carry on Items.

1. Printed/ Plain Scarf
This is a must-have! It not only adds a pop of colour to a neutral wardrobe, but doubles up as a pillow or a blanket for chilly flights.

2. Walkable Shoes
We are not all Victoria Beckham, (however this may be debatable at times). I read that she brings heels and changes into them just for the paparazzi. My Haviana's are essential on long flights and then a quick change into something more appropriate, depending on location.

3. Travel Wallet
I keep all of our passports, boarding passes and travel/credit cards inside a chic wallet. There is a zipper in front, so that nothing falls out whilst I am dragging 4 Children through security.

4. Sample size moisturisers
I don't wear a lot of makeup on a flight because I know that I may not be cleansing my face for a while, so I use light moisturisers and BB cream. Another item that I will simply not leave the house with is my BECCA mineral tint sunscreen! I simply adore it! And so does my daughter, but It's protecting her delicate skin and getting her into a good skincare routine, so I'm all for it. This high performance, non-nano zinc-oxide, is a lightweight moisturising formula infused with vitamin E and containing broad spectrum UVA/UVB, It provides a light coverage, sun protection and adds that dewy glow we all know and love. You won't catch me without it on, and I credit this to the condition of my skin.  

5. Delicate Jewellery
As a rule I never travel with any of my precious jewellery, one exception when I break the rules would be my stunning personalised Uberkate Bangle and necklace, with my Children's, names and D.O.B. Especially when we are travelling on business, I feel as a piece of them are with me.

6. IIiuminzer
It's amazing what a few strokes of mineral illuminizer will do for a girl….Oh, and her face.

7. Lipbalm
I am Coldsore prone, so keeping my lips protected from the elements and making sure they are hydrated is of utmost importance.

8. Sleepmask
I just adore my sleep mask, I can't sleep without it now. It not only blocks out the light in the cabin, but the silky feel on your eyes, oh, so nice!!

9. Green Tea
Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have a Gluten and lactose intolerance. I was never a tea or coffee drinker until we were in Palm Cove in November last year, and I gave into the temptation of a Chocolate Milkshake or two or three or was it four???….the result was unbearable and left me in severe pain. My Hubbie, is a huge advocate for Green Tea and has been drinking it for years! I now, cannot eat a meal without it and carry my own tea, as a lot of carriers don't offer it inflight. As a result, my digestion has improved incredibly. Officially a Nanna….HA!

10. Camera
My Samsung SLR does not leave my sight, there is always a photo opportunity, and I love the WIFI function, that allows me to email and upload directly from my camera.

11. Sunglasses
Accessories that are functional - I'm all about that. These badboy's add instant glamour when you disembark your flight, they also hide the bags and lack of made up eyes. Score!

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