Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Favourite Travel Apps...

While I’m traveling with my family, I’m used to being on my phone less than usual, not only because I want to disconnect with people, but mostly because I want to embrace all our travel experience's and not miss a moment with my Children ( the lack of wifi, may also have a little to do with it….haha. But there are some great apps out there to make every traveler happy. Here are 10 of my favourites…

1.   TROVERTrover is  a free App, slowly replacing Pinterest as my favorite app to find new places in the world to explore. Every picture is registered on a map and has a description about what makes the spot so special or about some tips to go there. Do yourself a favour and download it!

2.   GOGOBOTGogobot is an app where you can find what to do, where to stay and where to eat in your current location or a city you’ve previously selected, based on its community reviews. Those spots are usually classified in the a must-go category !
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3.   UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITESThis one is very useful as all Unesco world heritage sites are regroup in one single app. Browse by destination or look at the world map to select which one to add to your bucket list.
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Find a pub, a restaurant, a bank, a hostel and even more around you.
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If you’re scared of flying but want to know how to get from point A to point B by car, train or ferry, this app is for you. Rome2rio will let you know how to do so and how long this will take you.
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6.   XE CURRENCYIt’s always confusing to change currencies while you’re traveling. With this app, you can convert every world currency without wifi.
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7.   METRO
This app is a must-have for every traveler! It guides you in the public transports in 400 cities in the world!
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Make the pictures from your smartphone look professional with this free app!
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And this will always be one of my ultimate faces. I am always finding myself turning to Tripadvisor for Accommodation, Restaurant and activity reviews! It is pure GOLD!

10.   TRIPIT 
And this is one of my favourite app's of all! All you have to do is enter you email address and the app will search all of your email confirmations from flights, to  Accommodation and make you one calendar so you have all of the necessary information right at your fingertips .
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What are your favourite Travel Apps?


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