Monday, 3 December 2012

Muay Thai Training @ Williams Lanta Gym, Koh Lanta

Are you looking for a bit of family fun whilst on holidays as well as a bit of excersie?? If thats the case you can't go past a holiday to the stunning Island of Koh lanta, Southern Thailand and mix it up with a little Muay Thai training on the side.

My husband studied Muay Thai in his late teenage years and absolutely loved it, so whilst I was researching our next Family adventure, we just so happened to stumble across Williams Lanta Gym, which was family friendly and offered  private Muay Thai tuition for all age groups and is owned and operated by a former 'Muay Thai' Champion, William.

The stunning beach of Koh Lanta, South

After spending months and countless hours of researching this quite unknown Island in Southern Thailand, my husband and I thought it would be a wonderful spot to take the children to, after our Island hopping adventure throughout Southern Thailand. Lanta consists of several Islands, the two largest of which are Koh Lanta Noi (small Island) and Koh Lanta Yai (Big Island). However, Koh Lanta Yai is where all of the tourist action is. The main island is only 6 km wide and over 30 km long, located approximately 70 km from Krabi town, which was to be our next destination.

The stunning Pimali Beach resort and Villas were home for the week..

Once we arrived and settled into our resort, we jumped in the resort's Tuk- Tuk and hit the gym for a serious workout. On arrival to 'Lanta Gym' we were greeted by the owner and the trainers were woken from their afternoon nap, to train our family...and what fun we all had.

All aboard the Tuk-Tuk and ready to hit the Gym..If only our driver could understand us!!!

 To the left of the image you will notice some construction being carried out at Lanta Gym. They were currently building  5 star resort, due for completion in early 2013. 

 We spent a week on the beautiful Island of Koh Lanta and trained at the studio twice a day. The children absolutely loved it and my eldest daughter Isabella fell head over heels with a very cute 16 year old that was training her. Luckily he couldn't speak a word of english, but the body language he was sending to her was quite enough to know that she will never be allowed back to this Island, however she does have plans to return in 10 years to track him down and marry him, bring him home to Australia and have super cute babies.......

Each session we all warmed up and then were taken aside by our own personal trainer to kick, hit and punch and boy...what a sweat we worked up.

Warm up time in the ring...

Louis and Bella training...
Louis and trainer Boy Yuttapong getting serious in the ring....
Here I am training with current heavyweight champ "KENGKLA'...
William and trainer San sweating it out...

Lucie and San fight till the end...

Isabella working hard studying the art, with former champ 'William', whilst secretly looking for her boy crush....

My hubbie and his trainer who had his nose smashed in the ring the night before...OUCH.

William poses for a shot after being put through the wringer...
After my workout with the current heavy weight champion, "Kengla', I must admit to being hit by a  sudden dose of Thai
Fight night, what an experience that was....
We experienced a fight night in Koh Lanta which was a lot of fun, watching these super fit guys in the ring was quite an experience.

The children still talk about our 'Muay Thai' training sessions and just how much fun they endured, If you are interested in trying this it seriously is a lot of fun and very inexpensive...xx


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