Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Watching the stunning fireworks from our Hotel in Singapore.
New Years Eve, 2013
Well, what can I say? 2014 certainly kicked off with a bang. We introduced the Children to Singapore between Christmas and New Year's Eve, staying at The beautiful Fullerton Hotel on Clarke Quay, before flying off to the stunning Island of Koh Samui, Thailand for 16 nights, where our friends joined us for part of our Holiday, the food was to die for, the fishing was fabulous and the Muay Thai, again a favourite #notfortheweak... you can read more about Koh Samui here
This resort was heavenly.

Romantic dinner on the beach?

Amazing Fishing..

#notfortheweak #Muaythai

February rolled on and it was back to school with my baby doll starting college and routine was back with a vengeance and I had a severe case of the holiday blues, that's where the Thai cooking class came in handy!

Between working, and juggling family life we were counting down to our Holiday to Hawaii. It was just magical. It had taken 6 months for my Mum to convince my Dad to come and join us and then fly home with the precious cargo, whilst Hubbie and I continued on for a conference. I never dreamt in a million years that my Dad (who had never flown in his life, and the fact that he had absolutely no desire to do so whatever)…. would get on that flight, but he was amazing, I was so proud of him and we had the most amazing Family Holiday with My parents, which you can read about herehere and here. Hawaii truly is paradise!

Meet and Greet Lei at Oahu.
Heading to Chiefs Luau.
I almost bought him home.
There were a few interstate trips, a mini break in Melbourne where the Children met Usain Bolt, and my sister and I watched him work out….HOT, I'm not too sure who was more impressed, the kids, my sister or I?? Actually…I secretly think it was my sister to tell you the truth…..x
Louis, Isabella, Lucie and William meeting the fastest man in the world… Usain Bolt.
The year has just flown by so incredibly fast. And the travel agent in me has 2015 all planned and ready to go, with a little bonus Holiday in March, which was never on the agenda, It's going to be fabulous!

When I started my blog back in September 2012 it was merely my own little space and a journal for my Children to reflect upon as they grew older, and remember some of our amazing and crazy holiday experiences and adventures. Little did I know that my little blog would grow so quickly and gain such an amazing base of followers, turn into a career as a home based travel agent and become such a passion. In that time, I have 'met' and become great friends with some of the most amazing readers / clients. I absolutely love reading your emails, comments and fan questions each week. My blog really has lead to so many different opportunities and friendships, and I thank each of you for being part of that.

I sincerely wish each of my readers, friends, family and followers a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to sharing our journey and following yours in 2015.

Happy New Year, see you all in 2015.


Elizabeth xox

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