Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Perfect Malsalda

 Tex Drive-In

Don’t let the dilapidated building, the occasional missing window pane, or the barely interested drive-through cashiers scare you off. This 43 year old Honoka staple is a gem, located on The Big Island of Hawaii.
Tex' Famous Malsalada's
We stumbled upon this diner as a point of interest on our GPS, on driving between Hilo and Kona and my Hubbie quickly doubled back, searching for this place, let me tell you, it was well worth the stop! These fried pastries are delicious! The malasadas are un-freaking believable.With an array of different flavoured centres from Jam, fruit and chocolate (perhaps our fave), a perfect balance of light and chewy, these malasadas are made from scratch on-site and their pastry station features an extra large window to allow visitors a lesson in the art of malsalada making, whilst drooling at the same time waiting for your order. In case you don’t believe us, just go in and watch them.You certainly won't be disappointed!

A quick pitstop and sugar hit from Hilo to Kona...

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