Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Faith Surf School...

 After watching my eldest Son and Husband both partake in Surf lessons in Hawaii, on separate occasions, and watching Louis from the beach with a Blue Hawaii in one hand, trying to calm the nerves, somehow, the following week the boy's had persuaded me to have a go. 

I must admit to being very hesitant at first, perhaps the countless times that I have watched Soul Surfer, with my Children over the past few years, and the horrific scene where Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton has her arm ripped off by a Shark In Hawaii, definitely played on my mind, and the fact that Sharks terrify me…..but we were in Hawaii and being the home of Surfing, I decided to give it a go…you only live once right??

We booked in with Faith Surf School, which is Hawaii's largest and most popular surf school and after reading the entire waiver and continuously asking about Sharks, the guy's reassured me that they have never seen one whilst surfing…..yeah….right???

After a quick debrief we paddled out and before I knew it I was standing up and catching a wave, who would have thought? I must admit that there were a few dumpings and a smash into my hipbone…..by some crazy chick, I'm not going to mention names…..but It was AWESOME!!

 Whether you're a beginner, novice, or expert, Tony, his wife Tammy and their team of qualified and certified instructors, pride themselves in giving you a personal and memorable 5 star ocean experience that will last a lifetime.

With 3 great, beachfront locations throughout Waikiki Beach and by offering both group or private instruction, Faith Surf School can cater to all your surfing needs, including not just Surf Lessons, but also Personalized Surf Tours, Stand-Up Paddle Board Lessons, Outrigger Canoe Surfing and Surfboard Rentals.

If you are in Hawaii…this is a MUST…and I didn't see any Sharks, but gee, those Green Sea Turtles sure are massive…..and I can't wait to do it AGAIN…xxx

And I'm almost up…...
Here we go...
Luckily as I'm a goofy footed surfer, I was lucky to capture the stunning Diamond Head Crater in the background….

Am so loving this….

Crystal clear water...and not a shark in sight...

Luckily as I'm a goofy footed surfer, I was lucky to capture the stunning Diamond Head Crater in the background….

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