Thursday, 13 March 2014


This year our annual Conference is in Hawaii. As soon as it was announced in Istanbul last year, my girlfriend and I were already devising a plan that would include flying the Children across.  Yeah…sorry kids…Mum and Dad are going to Hawaii, and your not coming! Like that was ever going to happen. NOT!!

Fast forward 5 months down the track and after negotiations with our Husbands and our Children's pleas of desperation, the guys lost out and the Kids were on board!!! YAY!!

My husband and I were in Hawaii 5 years ago, It was a brief stopover after way too much partying in Sin City and basically…... we did nothing!! Oh, hang on….we did lounge by the lagoon and wake up 4 hours later with my Hubbie rocking the panda eye look ( very attractive…not!!) and a very nasty 'Larry The Lobster Tan' to boot. Oh, and there was just enough time to seek out some proactive, as my Girlfriend and I were breaking out in zits, in our early 30's ( crazy right?) and the billboards of Jessica Simpson promoting Proactive were getting to us, we had to have it, we were desperate!!! Oh, and there was just enough time to exchange the very ill fitting Tiffany Celebration 10 year ring after we renewed our vowels at The Elvis Chapel in Vegas. My Girlfriend led a very naive Hubbie into Tiffany at The Bellagio to find something nice for a few hundred dollars!!! LOL!! I will LOVE her forever..….But in all seriousness….. that's about it!! We basically saw The Resort and a few shops….Oh, and chatted to a lovely old American couple in their 70's at the pool bar, she was a Judge and was trying to decide on her recent Marriage proposal…I hope she said yes..after all of the Mai Tai's she was knocking back…..


A very angry Mt. Kilaleua…xxx
Time to exchange The Tiffany Bling for a larger size…xxx

So, this time our visit to Hawaii will be action packed. We are going to do it all!! A few nights on The Big Island, swimming with Dolphins, Surfing, swimming with the Green Sea Turtles, Volcanoes, Lava tubes, Haleakala Crater, The Macadamia Nut and Coffee Farms, The premium Outlet Malls, Cycling on The Kulani Trails, A Luau and a bit of relaxation. WHOA…I'm exhausted already!!!

I now have my Mum and Dad on board after issuing them with Passports for their Christmas gifts, to return home with the Children before our Conference starts.  YEAH!!… Merry Christmas Dad…..If you know my Father,then you will understand that he  is not a Flyer, he has never flown and has never had any intension on doing so , luckily we have some Doctors in our extended Family, so they are going to help him out with something to calm the nerves and maybe a drink at the departure lounge will cure his anxiety,  especially after the Malaysian Flight 370 went down last weekend, It hasn't helped. On a brighter note, he did comment  last week that if he makes it home, he would like to go to Perth next year…GO DAD….. but frankly, I can't wait, …….stay tuned.

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