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Keeping Your Holiday Alive....

I LOVE this image that I recently captured in Hong Kong as we were riding on trams.
 This is going to be made into a canvas to display in our home.

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an..It was super hot, the kids were sweating profusely

Hanging out at The Great Wall of China with one of the warriors

Holidays can be magical experiences, but we all know that sinking feeling of returning home from a family holiday only to wish that you were still there. If you are like me you spend your entire holiday carrying your camera, ( or 2 around ) trying to create everlasting travel memories. After the washing has been completed and the luggage stored, awaiting It's next adventure, your holiday starts to become a distant memory. Looking for some ways to keep your holiday alive? Read our favourite ways to create your everlasting travel memories with these creative ideas.


Nothing quite beats looking through your photo album and admiring your supreme photography skills whilst at the same time reliving your holiday. Digital prints are still my preferred media of storing my images, but at the same time with the amount of images that I tend to take over the year, I now have some other options that I love just as much. Try a Photo Calendar just to mix things up and be super creative.


Scrapbooks can be a great way to relive your amazing travel experience. Your Children will enjoy collecting things to go in the scrapbook and helping to create it when you return home. Use photo images, receipts from your favourite restaurants, admission tickets, leaflets of tourist attractions you visited, shells, flowers, small souvenirs or anything else that you can stick in. Look back at your scrapbook in years to come and relive the precious memories that you created on your holiday.

Canvas Prints

 The key to everlasting travel memories is to take a lot of photos. As well as taking photos of your family, take photos of your surroundings and everywhere that you visit. Try your hand at some creative photography and take the time to get some great quality pictures of interesting sights or scenery. To have a constant reminder of your holiday at home, turn your best snaps into canvas prints that your family and friends will love and admire and hang them throughout your home.

 I adore this image of 3 clownfish taken on our family vacation with my underwater camera

Photo Books

We absolutely adore photo books and now after each holiday I collate my favourite images and create a photo book with lots of relevant quotes from our holiday to use throughout my book. I love the practicality of a Photo Book and the fact that it can sit on my ottoman and look like a lovely piece of art that friends and family can pick up and browse through whilst relaxing on the couch. My Children are huge fans of our Photobooks and love reminiscing about their holidays.

Holiday Souvenirs

Many of us buy souvenirs as gifts for family and friends, but buying souvenirs for yourself can be a great reminder of your holiday. I myself am not a huge souvenir type of person, unless I find something a little different, like a genuine Turkish lamp that I recently purchased in Istanbul and carted half way across the world to place in my home. Im much more of a practical person and would prefer to make my own souvenirs incorporating my family. I love to go crazy and create key rings, mugs, diaries or snow globes from our holiday and incorporate them into every day life. These type of souvenirs will keep a little part of your holiday with you as a constant reminder of your travel experience.

Holiday Playlist

Before you travel, create a playlist of holiday songs on your smartphone. Have a mixture of exciting songs to listen to on the plane, songs to listen to in the car, if your driving and relaxing tracks for lounging by the pool. Listen to the playlist at home after your holiday, close your eyes and imagine our lying by the pool or driving along the coast and the memories will come flooding back.

Make Friends

Making friends on holiday is a more permanent way to create holiday memories. If your new friends are from closer to home, get together every once in a while to share your holiday memories and photos. If your new found friends are from your local area, offer to do a house swap or go and visit them again to recreate your travel memories by experiencing the area all over again.

Wangfujing street, Beijing
Travelling With Kids Travel Blog are huge fans of Photobox and love being able to order and create all sorts of different forms of media  helping to keep our holiday's alive. This post was written in association with Photobox Australia.

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