Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Palau Langkawi

If your looking for a majestic getaway then don't overlook the beautiful Island of Langkawi. Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 Islands on Malaysia's west coast, and is a short 50 minute domestic flight from KLIA.

Surrounded by turquoise sea, the interior of the main Island is made up of a combination of picturesque rice paddy fields and stunning jungle clad hills. Nature lovers will find the Island just as beautiful with lovely beaches and swaying coconut trees.

Langkawi is also the departure point for Koh Lipe, so It even makes a wonderful short stop over if you are heading to Thailand. We spent 5 nights in Langkawi and thoroughly enjoyed it as a family. Langkawi has plenty on offer and is such a child friendly destination.



Panorama Langkawi has such a huge amount on offer to tourists and we spent almost an full day here. We started with the journey in the sky cab which was completed in 2004 and is conveniently located on the foothill of Machincang Mountain, bonus, when its 32 degrees and 90 % humidity and the children are too hot and tired to walk. Enjoy the exhilarating ride in the cable car and observe the 360 degree panoramic views of the Langkawi Islands and Southern Thailand from the platforms.

Lucie and Daddy at The Oriental Village...xxx

Cable car fun...xxx
 Anywhere that has a cable car system, you are bound to find us, Cairns, Hong Kong, Singapore...you name it, If there is a cable car...we are on! The Cable car is the latest attraction for Langkawi and is located at the oriental Village, a theme shopping centre housed in 30 individually designed buildings showcasing Malaysian and Oriental architecture. The attraction is located on the southwestern coast of the main Island and is just a 30 minute drive from Kuah town, and 15 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport.
Here we go...xxx

Just stunning...looking out toward Southern Thailand...xxx

The magnificent view...xxx

The skybridge, which was completed in 2004 is suspended and built on top of Machinchang mountain. Once you have hit the top of the cable car station, the bridge is accessible from the top station. The bridge is suspended from a 82 metre high single pylon and hangs at about 100 metres above ground level. You will be amazed by the stunning landscape and spectacular views.

The amazing skybridge...hope your not afraid of heights.....xx


Well, lets just say that the Oriental Village was lots of fun, but at the same time very bizarre and quite quirky. The Children had an absolute ball in the man made lake in the paddle boats and feeding the fish, but absolutely adored the deer park and petting zoo, which my husband and I were not overly keen on, but thankfully the 'Germophobe' hand sanitizer was on stand by in my bag. You purchase small bags of carrots and then basically lock the children in an enclosure full of rabbits and small super friendly animals, and boy....were my children a hit with with the rabbits...I'm guessing it was the copious amounts of carrots that they had on hand...but they absolutely loved interacting with these cute mangey creatures.

Paddleboat fun.....xxx

Looks like trouble.....xx

Great fun....xx

Attack of the bunnies...xxx

Feeding time at the zoo...xxx

Will in his element..xxx

Isabella feeding the bunnies...xxx

Louis with his little friends...xx



We spent a fun filled afternoon at the Langkawi underwater world and we all had a ball. Underwater world Langkawi is one of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria's in South East Asia and has quickly become one of the must see tourist destinations on the Island. Unique to Underwater world is the gigantic 15 metre walk through tunnel consisting of some unique and rare sea creatures including the Giant green sea turtle. I think the arctic penguins was the highlight with the children.

The gorgeous arctic penguins...xxx

Isabella gets acquainted with a Penguin...xxx

William.....looking a little chilly...xxx

Lucie posing with Mr. Penguin...xxx

strike a pose...xx


Head to Dataran Lang, also known as Eagle square and visit one of Langkawi's best manmade attractions.This sight of a 12 metre sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight, greets visitors to the Island via ferry. We had a bit of fun here, climbing up amongst the eagle and taking photos in between the 'LANGKAWI' sign. Grab an ice cream or milkshake at Baskin Robbins whilst you are there for a quick pick me up from the heat.

The children hidden amongst the 'LANGKAWI' sign...xxx

Let's Fly....xxx

The magnificent sculpture....xxx


Anyone that visits Langkawi should experience the Pasar Malam or local night market full of amazing food stalls that are super tasty and as cheap as chips. From Satay Ayam to homemade Donats (doughnuts), fried chicken and Roti, this is a must stop to enjoy the true tastes of Malaysia.

mmmm....by the look on this guys face, Im thinking Isabella should be a little more covered!!! LOL..xxx

Lucie and Isbella enjoying their Satay sticks, a bargain at RM 40...xxx

Satay sticks in demand....xxx

Donat....haha...RM.60...'Thank- you sir'

One more Donat please......xx

These Donats are delish..xx

The children kindly donating to a street beggar...such an eye opener...

Thanks mate...xxx


I must admit to being so inspired by the food when we travel that when we arrive home, I can't wait to get into the kitchen a create something different. The homemade doughnuts that we had in Malaysia and Koh Lipe were the best we had ever endured, so after a quick search on google and a trip to KMART to purchase a $29 deep fryer...It was on...and boy are they delicious..take your pick...cinnamon and sugar, Vanilla glazed, Custard creme and Jam....mmmmm, Homer Simpson, eat your heart out!!!

The homemade doughnuts that I created after our first holiday to Langkawi and Koh Lipe....xxx
Jam filled...I still have a partially used 13kg bucket of Bakers Jam...haha...xx


We had a fabulous night out at The Bamboo Beach restaurant in Kedah. With stunning ocean views and great food, the atmosphere was amazing, thrown in with a few games of chinese whispers just for fun.....

The Bamboo Beach Restaurant...xxx

Chinese whispers at The Bamboo Beach Restaurant..xx

Now don't change it Louis....xxx


So, guys...come visit Langkawi, relax on one of the many beaches , take a day trip out to the stunning Palau Payar National Marine Park and feed the sharks or just snorkel  on the stunning reef, relax by the pool of one of the many stunning resorts and just enjoy, BTW,, did I mention Langkawi is a Duty Free Island??? So be sure to stock up on your favourite goodies at the airport.....xxx

The stunning Palau Payar National Marine Park, just a short boat ride from the main Island.....xxx

Shark feeding at Palau Payar.....xxx


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