Thursday, 7 February 2013

Floating Lanterns.....

This time last year we had purchased 2 Khoom Fay ( wish lanterns) in Koh Lipe after watching them being set off all over the Island in amazement and headed to Sunset Beach Bar to watch the sunset with our new English mate Mike and children in tow.

 After one failed attempt, the owner of the bar tried again and lit the lantern and we stood there holding it and waiting for the heat to whisk it off into the night sky. It was pure joy, watching this beautiful lantern magically float into the night sky....until the wind changed direction and the burning lantern started heading into the lush tropical jungle of the Mountain View Resort. We then had a very angry Belgian owner of the property to deal with.....not that there was ever any risk?? We are in Thailand? There are no laws regarding setting off fireworks or floating lanterns? Right??  And the bar owner set it off for us?? Surely it was all good?? Luckily for all of us the magic lantern burnt out, before causing any damage!!! EPIC FAIL. 

Enjoying drinks @ Koh Lipe's Sunset Bar waiting for the stunning
Isabella and Lucie making new friends @ Sunset Beach

Fast forward 11.5 months and tonight we set off Khoom Fai lanterns on the beach of Ao Nang. It was so much fun and such a breathtaking sight as they light the night sky. My husband didn't want to partake in this event due to our previous experience.  Thai Lanterns are another phrase that is sometimes used to refer to as Wishing or Lucky Lanterns. It was seriously like a scene out of the animated movie 'TANGLED' and the kids enjoyed this immensely.

Our 'Thai' friend igniting the wish

The Thai wish lantern is the safer and quieter alternative to fireworks that create an amazing visual effect once they are released into the sky. It is considered good luck to release a thai lantern with the belief that misfortune will fly away with the lanterns. The offering of lanterns is also said to symbolise knowledge, their light guiding revellers on the right path to follow in life. If you are holidaying in Thailand this is an absolute must....just take note of which direction the wind is

William and I ready for lift

Like a scene from the children's movie 'TANGLED'

Making a
The children getting into the spirit of 'Lucky Lantern's'

This video is of our attempt go lighting our lantern in Koh Lipe last year..xx

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