Monday, 14 January 2013

Walking The Monkey Trail....

The Monkey Trail.....use at your own risk.....

The warning at the start of The Monkey Trail...

Enter at your own risk...
This quaint rickety old wooden track will take you from The Centara Grand Resort, in Railay Bay , Krabi to Ao Nang Beach in 5 -15 minutes, depending on your level of fitness and it is definitely a unique feature of the resort.

The Monkey trail is located in the national park and is full of vicious monkey's, pythons and snakes, but if you steer clear of the monkey's and don't carry any bags containing food, they will leave you alone.

I had researched the monkey trail via Tripadvisor and received some very informative information from a lovely English couple who had recently stayed at the resort, so I had no hesitation in using it.

Armed with my Umbrella...lets smash this trail..and any monkey's that get in our

It's a tough hike to the top...xx
For our first journey via the monkey trail the children were very cautious and calmly walked by them, mind you we were armed with umbrella's (just in case) after last years brush with post rabies vaccinations, but we honestly had no problem, and after our recent speedboat disaster, the children were not too keen on using the resorts speedboat service.

We walked the monkey trail at least twice a day to reach the heart of 'Ao Nang' and I even smashed it in a record 5 minutes on my way for a massage with the famous Mr.Chan.

We did encounter a few tiny snakes along the way and the previous day my 9 year old daughter Lucie said to me "Mum? Do you know that if you see a snake you have to stand very still and not move.", the following day a yellow and black snake crossed beneath her feet of the wooden slats and what did she do??? Scream and run!! Very Calm indeed.

Caution...monkey ahead..xx

It's all down hill from here baby...xx

William at the highest peak of the trail...xx

Lucie overlooking the stunning 'Ao Nang Tower' in Railay Bay,


The end of 'The Monkey Trail'....
C'MON Mum...stop taking our photos....xx

The girls monkeying around on the beach...xx

The wild monkey's on the beach....eeek...xx

At the bottom of the monkey trail...xx

This crazy tourist is obviously unaware of the danger of these rabies ridden monkey's and their somewhat cute appearance....until they turn

At the end of the monkey trail you will reach the quaint Last Cafe and The Fisherman's bar, which is the perfect spot for a refreshing cold drink or meal after a tough but super fun workout.

The perfect spot to stop for a cold refreshing drink after a megga workout..xx

The very charming 'The Last Fisherman Bar'

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