Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lot 10 Hutong Village...

The entrance to Lot 10 Hutong

Today we took the children to Lot 10 Hutong to provide them with a unique cultural experience. Lot 10 Hutong is a Malaysian first and only heritage destination that pays tribute to one of the best loved national treasures – good food and the art of local cuisines.These are the ex hawker stalls that have survived over the generations.

 A hutong is an ancient alley or lane, once common in Beijing's courtyard neighbourhoods, but are vastly dying out. Lot 10 was the brainchild of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh in which he personally handpicked 26 eateries that have survived the 2nd and 3rd generations, from the alleys of Kuala Lumpur to the streets of Pataling Jaya or the hidden corners of Klang and has placed them all into one very convenient and central location.

Thye Hong Singapore Prawn Mee. Campbell Mini Popiah. Hor Weng Kei Wanton Mee. Soong Kee Beef Noodles. Ipoh Chicken Rice and Kum Leen Kei Fukien Mee are among some these national food treasures at Lot 10 Hutong.

A track record that dates back at least 40 years and a brand identity that is instantly recognisable is the minimum criteria for any brand to be at Lot 10 Hutong.

Lot 10 Hutong is one of the top 10 tourist 'MUST'S' when visiting Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the lower ground level of Lot 10 shopping centre, so after shopping up a storm , It is the perfect spot for an authentic Malaysian lunch and situated in the convenient Bukit Bintang district of Kuala Lumpur.

As we entered the children were a little dubious about the whole situation, being the only westerners in the entire restaurant, but they soon got over that. We wandered around to view the abundant variety of delicious dishes on offer and grabbed a table whilst 3 of our 4 very fussy children, decided that this wasn't for them!! Luckily Breadtop was at the front entrance for fussy western children!!

Ick..there is no way I am eating that

Mmmmm....pigs in blankets and sandwiches, happy

 This was my super cheap amazing lunch @ Lot 10 Hutong. Phad Kratiem Prik Thai/ Garlic and pepper chicken followed by this amazing black sticky rice in coconut milk!! They were practically giving it away at 70c for the desert and $2 AUD for the main course. We stopped ourselves at the pig intestines and various balls on offer.....

An amazing meal of Thai garlic and pepper chicken, followed by my all-time sticky rice in coconut


A restored street vendor's cart on
Mayhem in the kitchen....xx


  1. Looks great! Have added it to our must visit places for KL.

  2. Be sure to visit Madeline, the food and atmosphere is amazing, a very authentic Malaysian experience..:)