Thursday, 17 January 2013

And The Cabaret Show in Ao Nang..

Well, we had seen the stunning ( and the not so stunning) Ladyboy's parading up and down the main tourist strip on Ao Nang Beach promoting their cabaret shows each night, handing out brochures to the children.

The star of the

It was our 5th night in Railay Bay and we had gone into Ao Nang for dinner and some market you do, and in the end it got the better of me and we decided to follow these 'Ladies' to their venue to check out just what the cabaret entailed and was it family friendly or more of a 'Ping Pong' show that Phuket is renowned for?

We followed these 'Ladies' upstairs to the theatre to suss out if this was family friendly..and yes indeed it was. It was 5 against one , with the majority ruling so we purchased our tickets for the 8pm show, which even included a free drink for the children!!! BONUS.

Will and Louis looking forward to the performance...haha..xx

An hour of pure entertainment of ladyboys all glammed up like 'Las Vegas Showgirls' doing the gangham style and singing the current hits combined with a little Thai traditional dancing, made for sheer entertainment and a lot of laughs!! Any longer than an hour would have been a struggle though.

The girls loving the

This one was a stunner...xx

But, I must admit, it was good clean family fun, followed with way too many questions on ladyboy parts that I will never really properly  be able to explain to my children and cannot seriously begin where to start and where to finish??? Yes, Boys, some had breast implants, very strange triangular shaped, may I add, but they are breasts, and does he still have a penis? or has it been made into a designer vagina?? OMG!!! I can't answer this???

But given the amount of high kicks, I can confirm that their male appendage was definitely still in place.'Thats just disturbing' announced my eldest 13 year old baby....That's Thailand!!!

An after show photo with the stars....xx

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