Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Morakot Cave, Koh Muk.

Koh Ngai....here we come!! After reading about the stunning Emerald Cave at Koh Muk, we decided to continue our Island hopping adventure and spend a few nights at Koh Ngai. A short 5 minute boat transfer to the entrance to swim through the stunning cave, which was believed to once be home to Pirates treasures. Koh Muk and Morakot cave are believed to be the most impressive points in the Trang sea. The Island is comprised of mostly high and majestic limestone cliffs facing the sea to the west, whilst a fishing village is to the east facing the mainland. Hidden amongst is the stunning Morakot cave. The cave entrance is a small passage that is only accessible at low tide. The cave winds for 80 metres to the exit, opening up to a stunning clean white beach, surrounded by high cliffs, and lush green plant life.

The journey from Koh Lipe to Koh Ngai and my cheeky daughter Isabella, we were so tempted to pop some m&m's in the coin slot..It was very tempting!!!!

Ok...so we have arrived at the charming Island of Koh Ngai, with it's dramatic interior and clean sandy beaches, the water is clear and visible...not as clear as Koh Lipe, but our main reason for stopping here was to visit the Morakot Cave otherwise known as the (emerald cave).

Louis and Will exploring this charming Island....

So we have purchased tickets to swim through the cave and now the girls have discovered jellyfish in the ocean, as being Aussies the children are fully aware of how deadly these are in Australia and are used to swimming in stinger nets in Tropical far North Queensland. The water feels quite warmer and now we have spent the last 24 hours deciding whether or not to make the journey and 'Risking our lives' in the words of Isabella and Lucie..they had disappeared and we found them chatting with the thai travel agent at the resort and trust me...he is not helping the situation, with his limited English..the red ones are ok, but the purple ones are deadly??? What would you do???

Look out Koh Muk...here we come....
My husband speaks to the local PADI instructor on the Island and suggested that Isabella and Lucie have a chat with her. She was very good trying to reassure them and that each morning when she walks out to her boat she will feel a tiny little sting on her legs by the 'Non Deadly' jelly fish, some people will feel it apparently and some will not, depending on your sensitivity. She suggested that the girls cover up as much as possible and go for it! They were still very hesitant ( as was I), but we had come to this magnificent Island purely for this experience so Daddy decided it was on, and apparently the Vinegar was packed...or so they kept agreeing, nodding and smiling, telling me so when I continuously asked..I honestly don't think they understood a word of what I was saying, but it did put my mind at ease.....a little????
Entering the stunning Emerald cave...xx

The official Morakot Cave monument, explaining the pirate secret cove...

WOW!!! This is stunning...and we survived after all of that drama...xxx

one of the fantastic attractions of the Unseen in Thailand is located at the west of Ko Muk. The exciting journey to Morakot Cave besides seeWell after all of the drama we concurred 'The Emerald Cave' and it was scary, but magnificent....

Here we are on our adventure through The Emerald Cave, Koh muk, Southern Thailand, that almost never eventuated. This video will give you all an insight into how freaked out us girls were, especially myself, which I know I should be calm....not screaming my head off!!! I am making sure that all four of my babies were above water in the pitch darkness of the 80 metre journey through the cave. Despite complaints of jelly fish stinging our legs ( obviously they were the non deadly red ones), or perhaps it was just fish having a little nibble or even seaweed...WE SURVIVED!!! I still can't believe we concured 'The Emerald Cave' and to this day it still amazes us at how brave we were..

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