Monday, 5 November 2012

Gillham's Fishing Resort, Krabi.

Nestled in amongst the tropical jungle of Krabi you will find Gillhams Fishing Resort. Gillham's Fishing Resort is located in the beautiful coastal area of Krabi, Southern Thailand, and is built amongst the stunning national park area just 3 km from Thalen Bay.

The bungalows over looking the lake with the stunning limestone formations in the background.

If you happen to have mad keen fisherman in your family (as we do) then a stay at Gillhams Fishing Resort is a must, and after our Island hopping adventure throughout southern Thailand, this was to be one of the many highlight's of the boys adventure.

 Our young family stayed at this resort for 3 nights in january as which was an absolute treat for my boys, who spend hours fishing at home and it was not negotiable to visit this resort on our holiday.

The resort is stunning, located approximately 20 minutes from Ao Nang Beach, at the foothills of the most stunning limestone formations, the scenery is amazing. We stayed in a two bedroom bungalow overlooking the lake, the staff were amazing and so accommodating. After we had checked into our the resort it was time to drop the lines in for some serious fishing action.

 Within the first 10 minutes of fishing my eldest son Louis landed a nice sized asian red tail and was very excited, the boys continued to fish until dark, it was game on.... whilst the girls and I swam in the magnificent pool. 

A very happy Louis

Over the next three days there was much excitement as the children and my husband pulled in several monster mekong catfish around 100 pounds plus, the fishing guides were wonderful with the children and were with you for the duration of the day.

 Noi and Becky prepared amazing food and for my serious fishermen (that couldnt leave the lake, in case they missed the elusive Arapaima) they made up breakfast, lunch and dinner packs and delivered the orders....... the boys were in their element.
Family Fishing Fun..

 Within an hour my baby boy William who is the most patient fisherman you will ever find at 7 years old was on as well, but this took a little bit of help from Daddy, as it would have taken him in for sure, and he landed  himself a beautiful 100 pound plus meekong catfish. We could not wipe the grin off his beautiful little face.

Over the duration of the next 3 days the boys did not leave their seats from  7am-8pm and it certainly paid off, they were reeling in all types of strange looking monster fish and loving every minute of it, sitting in 33 degree heat at 80 % plus humidity and the occasional tropical rainstorm.

Catch of the day.....

And they seriously did not stop, a smaller meekong Catfish.


Its always the story about the one that got away amongst fisherman, but this was the case of the one that got away and the story of the ski fishing...we never will know what was on the end of that line???
Fish skiing...the one that literally got away...xx

The girls and I were definitely not as dedicated, having a bit of a fish, a massage a swim in the resorts stunning wet edge pool and then a 15 minute taxi ride into Ao Nang, to do what us girls do best....Shop, and boy, did we do us proud!!!

Enjoying the magnificent swimming pool...

Just as we were about to pack up on our final day, to head to the Airport, my husband had a bite on his rod and got me to reel it in..or try!! The fight was on, with my husband holding onto me as this monster fish was pulling me in, after a good 40 minute fight, the boys had landed it in the net and then, it was time for me to jump in the lake for my 'Official' photo. So glad I was prepared in my bikini top and trusty bonds knickers.

WHOA!! This is HEAVY!!!

 If you are looking for a relaxing stay, away from the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang, I would definitely reccommed Gillhams fishing resort for it's serenity and amazing scenary.We tailored our holiday specifically around Gillhams resort and it was well worth it.Unfortunately we didn't hook the elusive 'ARAPAIMA' but the boys have already started planning their return visit, so I dare say they will have another try.


  1. I love family trips! The pool and the view look magnificent. Also, the fishes you caught are huge! I bet that this is probably one of your most unique experiences in travelling.

    Dylan Mallory

  2. This place is amazing and definetly a very unique travelling experience for our young family. We all absolutely adored it, and even if you are not a huge fishing fan the unique experience of reeling one of these monster fish in is amazing!!! Krabi is a stunning should try and visit if you ever get a chance...:)

  3. An absolute magical highlight to experience with our children. We all had a so much fun, I would recommend this to anyone!! The thrill of hooking and landing one of these monster fish is AMAZING!!! Krabi is a stunning holiday spot. You should definitely go if you get the chance.:)