Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cycling through the beautiful city of Buenoes Aires...

 This is simply a must if you are visiting Buenos Aires and is a fun and relaxing way to explore this beautiful city.  We rode through the city centre and visited all of the stunning tourist spots along the way. 

 In 3 hours we saw more than in two days worth of walking and taxi's, and it is so much fun. Most of the trip is on bike trails away from traffic, and even when you are biking on the roads, the tour guides will guide you through in a very safe manner. The pace is just right and relaxing, so it is active but not strenuous. Our tour guides English was excellent and you will learn a lot about the history of this stunning city and the neighborhoods that you visit.

The university of Buenos Aires is the largest university in Argentina and the. Founded on August 12, 1821 in the city of Buenos Aires. 
We were amazed to learn that access to the university is free of charge for everyone, including foreigners.

This gigantic flower has become one of Buenos aires latest icons, the flower officially goes by the name of Floralis Generica, but as no one seems to remember it's 'scientific name' it generally gets called the 'Steel Flower'...makes sense to me....

The steel Flower is 23 metres high and weighs 18 tonnes. It was made out of old aeroplane parts and one of the fascinating features of this sculpture is that it opens at day and closes at night like a real flower and at night time close with a red glow... unfortunately when we visited it wasn't working, but is amazing. The steel flower sits in a pool of water which reflects the flower and also protects it from vandals.
The very exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood..

Recoleta is a downtown residential neighbourhood in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is an area of great historical and architectural interest, principally because the Recoleta Cemetery is located there. It is also an important tourist destination and cultural center of the city.It is also considered one of the more affluent neighborhoods, and the cost per square meter/foot of real estate is one of the highest in the city, according to our guide this is where a lot of South American celebrities live...Ricky Martin??? Where are you???

Buenos Aires is a very flat city, so there are virtually no hills to climb. The bikes are in good shape, and the price is very reasonable. If you have a few days in BA, get off your feet, and onto a bike, you will have so much fun in your group and learn about the amazing history of this stunning city..xx

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